It wasn’t obvious at first. I sat in my Monday sociology lecture and waited for an hour for someone — anyone — to come into class. “The professor emailed everyone and I didn’t get it” is the way I rationalized it away.

It was Thursday when I finally got pissed. I have 2-3 classes every day, and NOT A SINGLE PERSON SHOWED UP. I’m outraged and confused. Why I am paying thousands of dollars in tuition if everyone can just come and go as they please?!

Like honestly, I sat in Berkey Hall for two hours waiting for any of my classmates to come to class. I played so much Tetris on my phone that the battery died. I’m hurt by how little my professors care for my education. I try so hard to get good grades, I study for 10 hours a night and never ever ever skip, and this is how I’m repaid.

Plus, some of my classmates have posted beach selfies on Instagram, and I’m honestly shocked by their audacity. How can you blatantly flaunt your active defiance of this educational institution on social media? Seriously, they all posted captions like “I really needed a week off.” Garett, you dick, I’m here working my ass off and you’re in Cabo sipping on piña coladas.

As far as I can tell there isn’t going to be any repercussions against this truancy, and I think that’s the worst part. They’re going to get off scot-free.

Well, I won’t have it. I’ve already written an angry letter to the department chair of each of my professors and I won’t rest until I have justice. That’s right, Garett, I’m coming for you.