Sheck Wes has taken every college campus by storm through his song, “Mo Bamba”, making every student want to punch holes through walls, start fights, and shit their pants. Because of the success of his first hit, Wes has decided to be the gift that keeps on giving, announcing his new Christmas song, “Snow Bamba”.

After accidentally searching for “Shrek Wes” multiple times, we finally found Wes’s contact information, illegally. Answering the call with, “who the fuck shit bitch is this?”, he agreed to give The Byz a sneak preview of his new single.

“So, it starts exactly the same as “Mo Bamba”, because that seemed to really work,” Wes told us, practically screaming. “A little holiday twist on it though, you ready?”

The classic intro began to play, not much different besides with a few soft bells jingling in the background, and instead of “bitch” he yelled “Christ!”

“I got ho ho ho hos, giving presents tied with a motherfucking bow,” it began, Wes banging his head against the table with enthusiasm. “Where’s Santa with the motherfucking dope?”

The continuous talk of ‘mother fucking’ really got us in the holiday spirits.

“It’ll be dropping on Black Friday, playing throughout malls.” Wes told us yesterday, quickly stopping the track before revealing more.  “I know “Mo Bamba” has started some riots, but at least with “Snow Bamba” they will be festive riots.”

It was then that Wes put on a Santa hat, drop-kicked a chair, and left the interview.

Remember to keep your ears gaping open for the release of “Snow Bamba” during your Black Friday festivities this year, and have a motherfucking dope holiday season.