For Valentine’s Day, the beloved Lou and Harry’s bar in East Lansing promoted their big holiday bash the night before with five hot pink mugs advertising the occasion. The cup says the name of the bar and the date of the  Valentine-themed mug-night, but supplies were limited.

The fake IDs came out, and the freshmen and sophomores of MSU trekked from their shitty off-campus apartments or from their even shittier dorms in the snow to hopefully obtain one of the five hot pink plastic mugs. Once the five lucky students passed the underpaid and uncaring bouncer and walked in to obtain the limited-edition pink mug, they were elated to be the center of attention that they’d thought they would be as a result of having a coveted pink mug.

After a night of watered-down vodka and grenadine, the now hungover bunch who got a mug were shocked to find out how much people still wanted them. Faith Wilson, a freshman, was the first to put her mug up on sale on MSU’s Class of 2022 Facebook page. The bids starting pooling in and hit a peak at $150. The next day, two other original mug owners put theirs up for sale on the Class of 2021 page and reached a still-shocking $80, accepting Spartan Cash as a form of payment (for the Spartan on the grind).

Thank you, Lou Ha’s, for the pink round pieces of plastic. We look forward to getting one of your next colored cups to later resell for an insanely inflated profit.