It’s a blistering cold week in East Lansing, and MSU classes are being cancelled left and right by thoughtful professors who don’t want people to die. Many students have been able to stay safe today and not have to go outside where, as an email from an MSU official warned all students, there was a chance people are likely to catch frostbite in these conditions. Friends are telling each other joyously in group chats that they got the day off all across campus.

Except for you.

Your asshole professor decided to not cancel their morning class, where nothing even fucking happens except that it’s a lecture. Your friends are gloating that all three of their classes today got cancelled, meanwhile you, with only one class today, had to begrudgingly trudge across campus where the snow was already past your shins just because attendance is mandatory. Even on your way to class, you kept checking your email, because there had to be no way your professor could be this clueless about how shit it is outside.

At class time, it’s reported that your jackass professor then started to brag about how they never cancelled class in their entire time working at MSU, while your friends were still snug in bed, looking at memes. Your professor was even saying how it’s not even that bad out, even though your phone’s weather app was sending you Dangerously Low Temperature Warnings. At this point, you weren’t even paying attention to the class you dragged yourself to because you were seething in anger at your friends and MSU in general. Your group chat then started to blow up by your friends saying how happy they are for not having to do anything today. In that moment, you contemplated whether succumbing yourself to the blizzard outside was more worth it than listening to your professor babble on while going through a PowerPoint that would’ve been on D2L anyway, and unfortunately, getting frostbite seemed more enjoyable.

And the thing is, you still had to walk back in this shit after class was over. You played yourself.