Local EMT Eric Bradley has been denied a tip following his first response call to an Applebee’s employee having a heart attack. The patient was a waitress who wished to remain anonymous

Bradley recounted, “People are far more prone to cardiac arrest while yelling at others. This waitress entered her third hour of ranting about the importance of tipping at restaurants to nobody in particular. She’s lucky there was still a chef here to call me.”

Bradley’s tone soured as he continued.

“I gave her excellent service, and I was absolutely disgusted by her etiquette. I tried to make her feel like a VIP in a life or death situation.”

Bradley continued, “I went the extra mile to see if I could do anything special for her. I offered to take her around the block a couple times so she felt like a celebrity going to the hospital. She didn’t seem interested.”

Bradley was hurt.

Bradley told us, “As I dropped her off, I asked if she was interested in leaving a tip today. She just said, ‘here’s a tip: give 20% to your wait staff.’”

While it is unconfirmed, some sources say Bradley suffered a heart attack while typing an epic poem on Facebook about the importance of tipping. Bradley refused to confirm nor deny this detail.