No Nut November was put to a fast halt when Lansing found out that Stormy Daniels was coming to our small town to perform at Deja Vu, the local strip club in the area.

On the second-to-last week of November, after giving thanks with their families, middle-aged and young adult men left the dinner table and drove over to Deja Vu to see the special Trump-hating guest star.

Entry price was $30 in advance and $40 at the door, much more than the normal price of $10 for door for entry. The strip club made a nice profit off of that very inflated price and realized that her presence alone is a cash cow. After this realization, they decided to make her the face of Deja Vu, putting the club on the map for other patrons to venture and travel to in their spare time.

Deja Vu’s representative said Daniels is the “Storm that Trumps them all”, and they’re pleased with the exposure Deja Vu is finally getting as a result of their new spokesperson, since she is constantly in the news for her alleged affair with our dear orange president. This storm-y’s not only putting a spotlight on our little treasure we call Deja Vu, but also bringing some politics to the least likely of places. Seeing how this plays out for them is sure to be a wild ride.