A recent announcement by popular beer company Blue Moon solidified their place in the growing marijuana industry with their introduction of a non-alcoholic, THC-infused beer. This exciting new product, however, has failed to impress local stoner and drinker, Kyle.

“It’s pretty obnoxious that Blue Moon thinks they came up with this or whatever.” Kyle said. “I mean, I’ve been sprinkling weed in my beer since I was 19 and accidentally dropped a joint I was rolling into my PBR and said fuck it.”

When questioned on what he would like to see from such a product, Kyle had several innovative remarks.

“Well, for starters, weed makes me hungry as shit, so it’d be nice if they made the beer taste like hot dogs and cheese.” His stomach rumbled. “I’d also like it if the beer label could be removed and used as rolling paper. That’s gotta be something, right?”

When pressed for a response to Kyle’s assertion that this concept was nothing new, a Blue Moon representative, Carrie Weiss, had a lot to say.

“While we respect pioneers in the field like Kyle, our product is so much more than some cashed dank you stole from your older sister’s bedroom right before downing a Colt 45. Instead, we have a premium product, one that we hope will someday grace the bars of East Lansing.”

With the recent passing of Proposal 1, this may soon be a reality.