Feeling lonely and unsure of your future? Find yourself constantly comparing real life to what you see on social media? Never fear, The Byz is here! We’ve come up with ten no-fail filters to use to make your life seem way more glamorous than it really is.


10.) U5:

Instead of making it obvious that you were going on another lonely walk around the city, this preset just makes you look pensive and sophisticated. There’s nothing depressing about that!


9.) 05:

This vintage, matte filter gives your feed a very stylized look – perfect for posting pictures of literally anything! The moody look of this preset adds so much drama to any photo that you can post a photo of actual garbage and still be a social media queen. It’s way easier than pretending you have actual content to post!


8.) B6:

While we used this classic black and white preset to convey the sadness of a break-up, this multi-dimensional filter can be used for almost anything, from pictures of your dog to your dying grandmother. It’s definitely one to add to your list of favorites!


7.) H3:

No one needs to know that you accidentally drove over some roadkill and punctured your tire – instead, they’ll fall for this purple preset and take it as some kind of statement on consumerism or some bullshit. No longer will they pity your and your preferred mode of transportation; you’re an artist!


6.) FP2:

This vibrant preset is guaranteed to make you look like a cultured chef. Sure, this was your new-year-new-me health-conscious dinner for one that emphasizes just how absolutely alone you are, but at least you can say “#wifeymaterial”.


5.) Q1:

Sick of not having anyone to send messages on Snapchat? Just take a super unflattering photo, slap Q1 on it, and act like this was just part of a 240-day Snap streak.


4.) AL2:

Unsure of how to use this preset? Just apply it to a photo of the IKEA shelf you and your ex were building until he totally dumped you for someone else and now it’s just been sitting in your living room for six months. Nothing says thriving like a half-built Kalax!


3.) 04:

This filter is perfect for Instagramming a hot cup of coffee, a rainy window, or even a slightly sexy picture of your cat. Now people think you’re just being artsy – no need to let them know the only friend in your life is a 13-year-old feline.


2.) L12:

Uh oh, you’re drinking during the day again! Make it seem like a totally normal brunch thing by using the L12 preset. Now you can have another three drinks guilt-free!


1.) KP1:

Out to eat alone again? Make sure your life looks fulfilling by using KP1 so no one knows that the only text you’ve gotten today was from your doctor’s office telling you it’s time for a gyno appointment.

No matter what preset you choose, using VSCO will change your life for the better – or at least it’ll look like it to your followers.